Frequently Asked Questions

I want to place an order, is everything in stock?

You can check the availability of our products with our traffic light stock system:

in stock !
out of stock, but possible to order

If the amount of an item is exceeding the amount we have in stock, you will get a notification in our webshop-basket, that this item may delay your order.

I am looking for an item, but couldn't find it. Can you still provide it?

We are eager to help you in finding the correct parts. You can contact us via e-mail at

What is the delivery time?

Informations about the delivery time can be found here.

Can i make the payment with my credit card?

The security of your data is one of our highest priorities. Therefore we abstain on the possibility to get your credit card informations, but you have the option to "indirectly" charge your card with the service by PayPal.
You don't need a PayPal account for this service.

How much are the shipping costs?

After you have added at least one item to your basket, you can calculate them directly there under the list of items or alternatively here.

„You have not reached our minimum order value.“ What can i do?

We have to ask you to understand, that the minimum order value of 20,00 € is given to work economically for our business. We are convinced, that you will find more items of interest.

I just need a small item, is it possible to send it in an envelope?

Sending out the goods via envelope is a service we won't offer. What seems to be a cheaper alternative for you at first glance, is in reality not time- and cost efficient at all.

I have just placed an order, but forgot to add something. Can you add it to my package?

After receiving your order, it will be almost immediately handed over to our dispatch department, picked and packed. For this reason alone, your order cannot be changed. The effort it takes, to search for a specific package, in one of many ready to be shipped packages, to open it, add more parts and close it, cancel the initial shipping label and book a new label with the correct package data, is way too huge and not time- and cost efficient at all. We hope you can understand this.

I want to save import fees, can you lower the invoice or send us the goods as a sample?

Nobody wants to pay extra import fees. We understand, that in some countries they are unreasonably high, but we are a business, which is legally required to declare the correct amount we are sending out. We also have to declare the worth of the package for insurance reasons.

Couldn't find the question or answer you were looking for?

Please use our contact form to ask us your question: Contact Form